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Hello. What you see on your screen right now is homepage of KNIVES&FORKS zine. If you are a nazi, rasist, homophobe go suck your dick somewhere else.

You may learn about our news from (uhhh!) the News section.

In short about our zine

Knives&&forks was founded by Sharapov while he was reading "Play Hooky!" at his snow-covered dacha in February, 1998. The only one who could help him to make his daydreams come real was Zhenya. For a whole month the two friends were torturing each other, a couple of musician friends and an old 386 PC. As a result, the first issue was (oops!) issued in April. It fell into the mighty hands of d2, who thought the paper thingie to be worth of going www. That's how this site was born.

Smash fascism and racism!!!

We are going to produce approximately 5 issues annually and only write about things we all like. KNIVES&FORKS is our bold attempt to make our punk/ska/hardcore scene free of commerce and all kinds of predjudice. Once we have additional free time, some of our Russian language articles will be translated into English to make them accessible to a wider audience. We also welcome contributing authors, artists and distributors. For postal information, press the KnF button on the left, or just click here. Please, send your comments on design to All other messages should be sent to the web-master who can be contacted at or to Sharapov (his e-mail address is

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! and thanx for reading this.

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